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“Dear Dr. DeCarlo,

I am writing to commend your success as my family’s chiropractor. My husband and I have been receiving chiropractic care from you for approximately 4 years and have been truly blessed. During our visits, we appreciate the time you take with us to explain how adjustments to our spines will help our bodies to function normally overall. Thanks to you and to Jesus Christ as our healer, we are free from back and neck pains, migraines, problems with arches in our feet and now from tonsillitis and sinus congestion. We can both honestly say that your treatments are highly effective, lasting and painless!

Not only have we been blessed by your chiropractic care, but also by your friendship and genuine concern for our health as as your patients. We can always depend upon you for your honest opinions, suggestions, and recommendations. I will never forget your concern for our daughter when she fell off of the bed at seven months of age. You took extra time out of your busy schedule to adjust her neck and back to avoid future complications.

I will also never forget the concern you showed for me when you began treating me for tonsillitis and sinus congestion. I was one day away from having my tonsils surgically removed and you arranged for me to visit Doctor Garbacz, who specializes in Homeopathic Medicine. After one visit and a few painless and inexpensive treatments, I was healed of the tonsillitis and sinus congestion. I can’t thank you enough for your prayers which helped to keep me from going “under the knife.” You are definitely a doctor who is changing the lives of many people for the better. Your chiropractic care and overall concern for the well-being of your patients is commendable. May God continue to bless you and your business. Thanks again.”

John, Lydea and Jalyea Cheeks
Marietta, GA

“Dear Dr. DeCarlo,

This is to thank you and your staff for both the professional care provided me over the last few years and for your caring, generous spirit. You have devoted a lot of time to me, often on short notice. You have gently treated injuries and encouraged rest, stretching, correct posture, nutrition, and careful exercises as part of my healing. As a result, the speed of my healing has been more rapid than I would have expected.

Additionally you have encouraged a balanced lifestyle to promote vigor and enjoyment. I’ve come to understand that your practice is a holistic approach, that your humor and optimism are also integral to your healing method, and that you select and train your support staff so they fit well with your holistic approach.

Finally, I’m aware that you donate a lot of time preparing and healing local and world-class athletes. For example, you have been helping the United States Canoe and Kayak Team, including the 1996 Olympic whitewater paddlers.

Thank you for your expertise as a healer, Rick, and for your generous spirit of caring.”


E. Douglas Pratt
Atlanta, GA

“The first visit to a chiropractor in my entire life of 67 years was made to Dr. Richard DeCarlo in September 1996.

Prior to this visit, I had consulted both Orthopedic and Rheumatology doctors seeking relief for severe Osteoarthritis in my lower back and both knee joints. At this point in my life, I could not walk or stand for any length of time due to severe pain. Dr. DeCarlo treated me on a strict regimented schedule during the first three months and due to the results obtained, I was again able to resume preparing all Holiday meals for my entire family (averaging between twenty to thirty people). Previously, this was not possible since the pain would cause me to become disabled for two to three weeks after trying to prepare for Holiday functions.

I am deeply grateful for the relief (without drugs). Dr. DeCarlo has given me and I fully intend to continue my Chiropractic Care.”


Frankie K. Ray
Smyrna, GA

“To Whomever Wants to Know,

For 8 years I have had problems with my lower back. The last 2 years have been particularly troublesome due to the type of work I was doing. From the occasional flare-up my pain slowly progressed to full time pain and I was left unable to do even normal, simple everyday activities.

I began chiropractic care several years ago. Just getting occasional care in order to relieve the occasional back strain. Early this year I began regular visits because I wanted to not only get rid of the pain, but also and more importantly, to treat the root cause.

Dr. DeCarlo has provided me with adjustments and encouragement. But he cares enough not to stop there! He has explained how I can exercise certain muscles to help keep my back strong. I am enjoying the benefits of regular chiropractic treatment. I am again involved in antique car restoration - an activity that, not long ago, I thought I would never be able to do again. It is so good to feel healthy again!”

- Rick Heth
Atlanta, GA