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We use a holistic approach in helping you heal. When you come to our office with a particular complaint, we do not address your problem solely with chiropractic treatments, even though this is the most important component.

We look at other important issues including muscular dysfunction and musculoskeletal imbalance.

We refer to this holistic approach as troika care.

Troika care is a harmonious balance of spinal and appendicular adjustments, myofascial release of abnormal muscle function, and rehabilitative exercise to create balance.

This combination of care is essential for success with a chiropractic problem.

As a part of our care, we do the following for you:

(a) We provide you with a thorough examination.

This includes developing a comprehensive history of your situation, as well as studying x-rays of the involved area.

(b) In addition to the examination, we incorporate gait and postural analysis which provides vital information in regards to spinal and appendicular skeletal abnormalities.

(c) We perform periodical examinations to re-evaluate your particular condition to determine progress in your chiropractic treatment. We keep you informed with a report of our findings.

(d) We provide evaluation of any imbalance during your treatment. This determines where muscular and joint abnormalities are found. This evaluation is specifically designed to demonstrate where tight (over contracted) muscles occur and where weakness (stretch weakness) occurs.

We design for you a prescription of dynamic stretching and strengthening to counteract the imbalance.